Aug 12, 2010

Moonstruck Chocolate Bar

Single Origin Chocolate Bar Packaging designed by Chris Gardiner and Jon Olsen of Sandstrom Partners for Moonstruck Chocolate Co. of Portland, Oregon.

Design: Sandstrom Partners
Client: Moonstruck Chocolate Co.
Country: USA

"Moonstruck Single Origin Chocolate Bar Collection. Moonstruck Chocolate is a Portland, Oregon based company known for making premium handcrafted truffles. This chocolate bar packaging line is Moonstruck's first entry into the premium, single origin chocolate category. Our goal was to create a chocolate bar packaging line that imbues the same qualities that drive Moonstruck brand enthusiasm through its truffles: handcrafted quality, visual beauty, multi-sensory experience and imagination. The illustrations and typography are a hand-cut paper style. The finishes include: Matte Soft-Touch (color areas). Glossy Soya-kote varnish with emboss (white areas). Thick UV varnish (chocolate logo). Matte silver foil."

Art Direction: Jon Olsen/Chris Gardiner
Design: Chris Gardiner   
Illustration: Kate Forrester
Copy: Leslee Dillon
PM: Kelly Bohls


  1. Colorful products with nice design

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