Jun 26, 2008

Coca - Cola Identity - Cannes Lions 2008 - Design Grand Prix

"Thanks in part to anthropomorphic polar bears and overcaffeinated graphic designs, "Coke's identity had become cluttered, uninspiring and easy to ignore." But with the help of "identity and package design firm" Turner Duckworth, the world's most recognizable sugar water brand received a fresh and clean new look that won a first ever Design Grand Prix award at Cannes Lions. The firm's "iconization of heritage" concept included a streamlined aluminum bottle that were based on Coca-Cola's signature glass bottles, a redesign of the cans, new signs/POS, and even graphics for delivery trucks. See some of the mods after the jump or download the full case study here: (PDF doc)."

D/A: Turkner Duckworth, London & San Francisco
YY/CD: David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, DY/DD: Sarah Moffat
D: Jonathan Warner, Radu Ranga, Josh Michels, Rebecca Williams, Chris Garvey

Via Elmaaltshift, Animalnewyork.com

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