Oct 30, 2008

Eskimo Water

Designer: Siggeir Hafsteinsson


  1. I used to use Eskimo water to polish my bass. As it's the only form of liquid other than blood favored by the BASS gods. Now I just use whale and baby Eskimo orphan tears. It's way more cost effective. Jet fuel for me to fly my fleet of commercial jets up to Eskimo-Land is just too pricey. And the Eskimos drive a hard bargain. Two abandoned Eskimo placentas, or three dollars for a water bottle. I can tell you, I nearly went dry on my stock of fetal accessories.

    1. I completely concur with everything this man said. He's a visionary. It's actually unbelievable that people like this exist. I thought everyone in this world was gullible enough to drink regular unfiltered water, and to clean their basses with that filth.