Nov 21, 2008

Heme Special Packaging Case Study

I've seen Heme packaging designs on noahVIII-Directory of international package design book, I followed the trace, contacted with Taiwan based Branding & Packaging agency Up Create. They recently sent me Heme's packaging case study. Thanks alot Up Create for sharing this awesome case study...

Project Brief
Brand statement: master of beauty & teenager skin care
Product line: skin care series
Celebrity: S.H.E. (Taiwan singer-idols)
Target: ages 13-25, targeted at aged 15-22, female

Target Profile
Active, outgoing
Addict to makeup
Opinion leadership in the peers
Fashion idol in the peers
Show off personal distinct taste
Compete with peers somehow
Step into “love” age
Turn into young adult
According to market size,F generation consumed 20 million dollars in 2002, was the most potential target group.
Monthly budget for cosmetics – NT$1000-1500.
The initial age to makeup was 16-18,the duration to build up confidence from “falling in love”
Few skin troubles, simple usages of skin care.

Positioning: to build up awareness and intensify brand image
Target: to know more about target preference
Place: to realize the purchase habits
Cost: to give the best performance under the budget
Trend: to catch up the fashion trend
Segmentation: to segment and stand out from other competitors
Process: to realize the process of package producing

Not “cute” (turn into young adult)
Exclusive, stylish
Show off personal taste
Emotional appeal is everything

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