Mar 9, 2009


Brains. Beauty. Brand.

New York -March 5, 2009- Wolff Olins, one of the world’s leading brand consultancies, today announced details about their involvement in the concept, strategy, craft and launch of the new beauty brand, Living Proof.

Living Proof
was founded in 2004 by Polaris Venture Partners co-founder Jon Flint on the premise that there have been few true innovations in beauty. He teamed up with fellow Polaris partner, Amir Nashat, MIT scientists Dr. Bob Langer and Dr. Dan Anderson as well as renowned stylists Ward Stegerhoek and Mitch DeRosa to find altogether new solutions to every day beauty frustrations. Today, the company is comprised of leading scientists and beauty veterans and is led by President and CEO Rob Robillard, formerly Worldwide General Manager of Kiehl’s Since 1851and Senior Vice President of Marketing of L’Oreal Paris.

After one year of dedicated research, the team of scientists discovered the PolyfluoroEster molecule, the first new anti-frizz technology in over 30 years. The new molecule is smaller than traditional frizz-fighting ingredients and instantly fills in gaps and blocks each strand’s cuticle, preventing moisture from penetrating the hair shaft. With frizz solved, Living Proof is working on a number of other solutions to common beauty frustrations. Stay tuned.

Throughout the evolution and conception of No Frizz, Wolff Olins worked closely to shape the brand’s development, working on everything from the brand strategy and name, product naming, service approach, identity, packaging, point-of-sale and communications. The branding firm touched nearly every part of the experience.

“Our involvement with Living Proof is a perfect example of the depth of activity and influence we can have with our clients”, said Todd Simmons, Executive Creative Director at Wolff Olins. “Throughout the entire process, we looked at every possible touch point and worked hand in hand with everyone in the business, even engaging the MIT scientists in our process. We’re absolutely thrilled with the result as it reflects a seamless collaboration."

“We are just as proud of Living Proof’s commitment to efficacy and the way they treat consumers as we are of the way the packaging turned out or anything else. This is true branding”, continued Simmons.

Rob Robillard, President and CEO of Living Proof, commented, “Success in a start-up is about moments and decisions that will change the destiny of the company. We’ve been lucky thus far to have a few of those moments. One major one is having chosen to work with Wolff Olins.”

About Living Proof

Living Proof was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and created for the purpose of solving the toughest beauty challenges by inventing efficient, single-purpose formulas based on entirely new molecules and breakthrough technologies. They are a team of scientists and beauty authorities brought together by a shared aspiration: to challenge the status quo and end the common beauty frustrations of people everywhere - once and for all.

About Wolff Olins

Founded in 1965, Wolff Olins is one of the world’s leading brand consultancies. It has 140 people in London, New York and Dubai. In a world of caution and conservatism, Wolff Olins is ambitious for clients. In a time of anxiety and cynicism, Wolff Olins is extremely optimistic for the world. Wolff Olins works with a vast array of the world’s most recognized brands including Unilever, PwC, Target, Microsoft, (RED), GE, Tate, Sony Ericsson, New York City, Beeline, and London 2012.

Agency: Wolff Olins
Country: USA


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