Apr 24, 2009

Agency Spotlight / MusaWorkLab

Stunning works from Portugal based design agency MusaWorkLab.

Kuat Eko

Kuat Zero

Pink Addiction: Hand made packaging for limited edition tshirt pack thermo foil printed over nonwovens and EVA printed tag. Edition to promote Musa Tour exhibition.

Kuat Eko

Fashion Clinic Soap: Soap box presenting Fashion Clinic Sping Summer collection.

Kuat Zero

The Pack: ThePack™ supports MusaDesignCollective developing the design scene and this issue has been specially designed to promote the first MusaBook project.

A nice example of a Kuat's Visual language

Cem Amigos (wine): Cem Amigos (One Hundred Friends) wine is a celebration to all friends. The numeral 100 with two laminated printed foil zeros symbolizes the grapes that colors may vary depending the wine category. Random names are UV printed as background as a homage to all our friends.

Agency: MusaWorkLab
Country: Portugal

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