Apr 22, 2009

French revolution on the European clothing market

Carel, a French clothing lines manufacturer for Babies & Kids, has chosen Bayadères, the new Consulting, Design & Communication group based in Paris, for creating the whole identity of a new european revolutionary brand: MySenses

Combining a patented ink technology developped by the Canadian brand LuvgearTM with a french clothes styling, MySenses products are designed to protect europeans Babies and Children from daily events (UV exposure, hot liquids, fevers, …) while offering them modern and adorable outfits.

MySenses packaging and labels, emphasing both the functional and the emotional sides of the brand, were designed to explain clearly the innovating technologic process as well as to create an affective link with its european consumers.

Beyond the packaging design, Bayadères partners with Carel on focus groups organisation, brand name and visual identity, merchandising and website design.

MySenses Logo
MySenses Sun & Temp

MySenses Temp & Sun

MySenses LuvGear Nouvelle Technologie

Agency: Bayadères
Country: France

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