Nov 11, 2009


Burgopak has been awarded Design Company of the Year at the prestigious 2009 UK Packaging Awards. Competing against leading companies in the packaging and design sector, the prize was awarded by a panel of top independent judges.

Agency: Burgopak
Country: UK

Burgopak has been expanding and developing their design services, working with a variety of leading brands to present and differentiate their products in ways that are efficient, cost-effective and, above all, creative. Burgopak’s innovative packaging solutions utilise a wide range of patented sliding mechanisms and bespoke structural designs.

Packaging News reported the judges’ comments on Burgopak: “We loved them. They made us smile and laugh out loud,” said one judge. “We feel the idea has many more uses and can be built upon.” These thoughts were mirrored by another of our judges, who said: "A beautiful, exciting, engaging pack concept with a multitude of relevant applications."

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