Mar 19, 2010

Dsquared2 He Wood

 "Known for dressing the hottest artists and celebrities, designers Dean and Dan Caten are the driving force behind the uber-hip design house Dsquared². As twin brothers with the same vision, this talented duo strives to design cutting-edge pieces that make a statement on and off the runway. Their signature scents, however, take on a totally different approach. Meet He Wood and She Wood—the brand's debut fragrances inspired by the twin's love of nature from their homeland of Canada. These woodsy-inspired spritzes are artistically encased in show-stopping bottles adorned with a modern touch of their organic namesake, and each scent set apart with subtle differences: fresh notes for men, citrus top notes for women. Strong yet hardly overpowering, He Wood and She Wood make a subtle statement so your personal style shines through—exactly as the Caten twins intended"

Country: Canada


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