Mar 26, 2010


Great packaging concept from Alexandre Michaud who is a student of Graphic Design professor Sylvain Allard.

"The simplistic thinking in eco-packaging, would suggest that all it needs is to take a recycled Kraft cardboard and the job is done. Unfortunately, it's much more complicated than that and demonizing plastic over paper is another non-sense. In fact, there are as many solutions as there are different packages and each one should be developed taking into account production methods, materials, transportation and many other factors that ultimately determine the true lifecycle of the product.

However, the reduction approach remains the most easily measurable element of ecodesign. Indeed, by reducing the amount of material, it reduces the weight of the interventions in upstream and downstream production because there will be less material to produce, to collect and to recycle.

Recently, I asked my students to develop a package that consisted of grouping two products in an approach inspired by the 3Rs, Alexandre Michaud has developed this double pocket for a gel and body moisturizer for man. The word Wer means Man in Old English. I think it’s a very nice concept; what do you think?"

Designer: Alexandre Michaud
Country: Canada

Via: The Dieline / Packaging Uqam

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  1. I find this idea interestin and puristic, but anywayis is there a question how do you plase this thing in our bathroom? =)