May 24, 2010


Mission: The image of Prokrin’s products was poorly differentiated and obsolete compared to its main competitors. This meant poor shelf impact. A restyling of the pack and logotype was necessary to improve visibility and memorability and to make the Brand more appealing. The aim was to clearly reaffirm the differentiating values of Prokrin: quality and price, at the same time as adding new attributes in line with young, fashion-conscious consumers.   

Agency: CB’a Design Solutions
Country: Italy

Solution: CB’a Design Solutions developed the redesign of the logotype and of the entire protfolio of Prokrin products. The first step was to rationalise the architecture of the offer by reorganising it into three distinct colour-coded families. Secondly, it was fundamental to rationalise the image of the product range, using a key visual: a variety of simple, modern lines, graphically consistent for all the references but distinguished by the colours on the three lines. This was enhanced by using metallic colours. The logotype was also redesigned using a softer, more legible font. The product name itself used a new, urban-street style character. Finally, the on-pack information was simplified and reorganised to move the emphasis from the Brand to the product. The Brand remains as a guarantee of quality in the upper part of each pack.

Result: Thanks to the redesign, Prokrin now communicates its Brand identity and associated values successfully, both to end consumers and the trade.
The renewed product line has a more vivid personality, better shelf impact and secure memorability. These elements contribute to consolidating the relationship between the Brand and its consumers, attracting new ones and strengthening Prokrin’s positioning as a Brand at the very forefront of its category.

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