Jun 22, 2010

Sweeter Than Fiction Ice Cream

"Sweeter Than Fiction, Premium Ice Cream: Curling up with a good book will only get better when you’re spooning with a fantastic fusion of premium ice cream flavors. Indulge in the classics like you never have before. Literary aficionados will fall heads over heels for these witty packages."

Designer: Megan Reddish
Country: USA


  1. Messages at the bottom of bowls are a timeless way to encourage folks to finish a meal... or an entire tub of ice cream :-).

    This totally takes me back to eating cream of wheat as a kid with my grandmother and having my only incentive to finish being that I'd get to see the picture that was on the bottom of the bowl. Ha, life used to be so simple.

  2. Pictures and words at the bottom of bowls - man, absolutely timeless marketing.

    Takes me back to eating cream of wheat as a little kid at my grandmothers house. My only purpose in finishing that stuff was to see the picture on the bottom of the bowl :-).

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