Oct 21, 2008


Sidra – or sparkling apple cider wine – is the national drink of the Basque region in Spain. Its dramatic presentation is as appealing as its taste.

Our client identified an opportunity to combine Chinese Shandong apples (a region famous for China’s best quality fruit) with the centuries-old tradition of sidra.
Because amber is often used in China to describe the color of wine and metaphorically, the preservation of memorable moments, we chose a word that translates to “Amber Joy” in Chinese. Our English naming recommendation, Ambre, is a European interpretation of amber. Together the two names emphasize the core essences of the brand: its golden color and sparkling personality.

The visual identity is a modern, three-dimensional presentation of the amber gem, stylized to appeal to Chinese tastes. The packaging leverages a traditional champagne bottle shape and further dramatizes Ambre’s golden color.
With a sparkling new package and a memorable new name, it’s time to pop the cork and celebrate!
Agency: Interbrand

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