Oct 21, 2008

Today's tea

In the last three years, the health tea market in Korea has grown seven times, and it continues to grow.

So when Lottechilsung approached us with their new tea, Oh Neul Eui Cha (Today’s Tea), we knew the package would really need to stand out.
Based on the concept that the tea gives the benefit of feeling mentally refreshed and physically fit, we created a soft, calligraphic effect, using the look of a flower – nature’s motif. But to really stand out in the market, we used a unique material that is highly portable and keeps the tea at its ideal temperature. Not only is it attractive to our target consumer, but it also stands out on the shelves that are full of plastic bottles.

Today, no doubt to its spectacular package, Oh Neul Eui Cha is Korea’s leading health tea brand. It was selected as “The Consumer Product of the Year” by The Korea Economic Daily and “Best Hit Product of the Year” by Seoul Economic Daily.
Now that’s something worth reaching for!
Agency: Interbrand

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