Mar 12, 2009

Empanadas Rebranding & Repackaging

Empanadas is a well-knowing typical and popular food from Colombia, but never had a visual identity and a packaging system to be sell any place on the globe, they always be sold in craft bags . Then. The objective of the packaging was to be sold inside and outside Colombia. After research, the values that i find usefull for communication to accomplish that objective was elegance and sophistication but the value of Colombian Vitality must be maintained. To help the "main" packaging and to preserve the idea of the consumers, the packaging come with two classic bags that remember consumers the classic form of eat empanadas.

Designer: Nicolas Ortega
Country: Colombia


  1. We cooked this..for our Midterm exam and its sold out. :D ,pHILIPPINES

  2. Hi! ask ko lang po sana kung ano po name nung font na ginamit para sa name ng empanada. thank you in advance