Mar 19, 2009

Holmes & Marchant Creates New Look for Philadelphia

Holmes & Marchant has redesigned the packaging for iconic Kraft soft cheese brand Philadelphia.

The pack, which had remained virtually unchanged for the past 20 years, now has a brand new oval shape and illuminated graphics that centre on a brightened logo with images of fresh produce on the flavoured variants.

The new packs, which are on shelf from mid-April, feature a refreshed Philadelphia logo inside a burst of light, emphasising the fresh and wholesome qualities of the product. Flavoured varieties, such as basil and garlic & herb will also feature images of the ingredients around the bottom edge of the tub.

The new design also says goodbye to the traditional foil and transparent plastic covering in favour of an opaque plastic lid which will help to keep the product fresh and avoid contamination from other foods in the fridge.

The new designs will be extended across the Philadelphia range (including mini-tubs, Splendips and bricks) and will be rolled out across Europe. The revamped range is already in the process of launching across Belgium, the Netherlands and the Nordic region, and after April, will launch in Spain, Italy and Germany.

Paola Donelli and Sam Mitchell, the Kraft marketing leaders on the project said: “Coming up with this new look was a really exciting process for everyone at Philadelphia. The brand is well-loved across Europe and its packaging had an iconic look and appeal.

“We had to ensure that any new design paid homage to this, while communicating the fact that Philadelphia is a modern, innovative and wholesome brand. We’re delighted with the results that Holmes & Marchant has produced.”

Jon Davies, managing director of Holmes & Marchant added: “Philadelphia is a famous brand with a great heritage. We needed to create a pack that sympathetically moved the brand forward and reinforced its strong identity.

“Our aim was to create fresh, immediately understandable and intuitive pack architecture and graphics that worked across the whole range of products. The new shape makes the brand really stand out on shelf, while the design and logo communicate the freshness of Philadelphia.

Agency: Holmes & Marchant
Country: UK

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