Mar 22, 2010


"Scratch is a small food company making it easier for busy Londoners to cook from… scratch. Scratch make fresh meal kits. A box of all the fresh, uncooked ingredients – chopped, washed and weighed – and instructions to cook your meal from scratch. The meals are for one and cook in around 20 minutes with one or two pans. Many nights resorting to microwave meals, left over ingredients after cooking and spaghetti bolognese week on week brought about the concept of a fresh meal kit, so you can cook a healthy meal in the time in take's for a pizza to be delivered. Our current menu is a Vegetable red thai curry, a Moroccan chicken tagine,  a Crayfish, tomato and feta pasta and Chicken and chorizo Jambalaya. All the ingredients are sourced locally and the meals are prepared by hand.

The packaging design features a transparent tray made from RPET, which acts as a window for all the fresh ingredients. Also features a Kraft sleeve around the tray with a clear brand identity, product information and the instructions on the reverse. "

Designer: Jeremy Innes Hopkins
Country: UK