Mar 19, 2010

Michael Osborne Archer Arms designs

I'm putting the note Michael Osborne wrote on his personal page upon use of the unapproved Archer Arms concept designs  for Target 5 or 6 years ago by an agency named "Tomorrow", with his permission.

Michael Osborne President
and  Creative Director of MOD
"One of my students just brought this to my attention. She saw the attached work was never produced and wrote me about it. So here's the deal: These are comps produced for a multi-design firm "bake-off" presentation for the packaging redesign of the Archer Farms brand about 5/6 years ago. Michael Osborne Design was awarded the project, completed the design and standard guide, and turned it over to Target for implementation. Currently there are approximately 1000 sku's in the stores all bearing the design of my firm.

Needless to say, it is universally accepted that it is unscrupulous to promote and present design work which was never actually produced, as if it were. It is also unethical to enter this work in design competitions, or publications and websites such as this one, especially when there is no text indicating the the nature of the work shown. These are comps of a design direction which was NOT chosen, and it was not "Designed by Tomorrow" as came out of Temple and Brink before they disbanded 5 or 6 years ago, not June 11, 2009 as is listed above. Anyone who reads this should pass it on as a lesson in behavior that undermines our worthy craft and profession."

Here is Michael Osborne's current design direction as it appears in Target:

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  1. These designs are far inferior to the other designs by Tomorrow, whether they were used or not and this guy's rant about it makes him look petty.