Apr 13, 2010

J&B The Night Rock

"J&B create the nights with the Night Rock. J&B launches its new factual packaging of the bottle: The Night Rock. NoGoodIndustry Creative Agency (based in Paris, france) created this new packaging, that contains a 75cl J&B bottle. The plastic version is sold in the usual retail stores.

The limited edition version, was built on a volcanic rock: the obsidian, and was created in a very limited edition of 7 pieces/specimen."

Art Director: Grégory Jubé, Photographer: Cedric porchez

Agency: No Good Industry
Country: France

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  1. Wow, it is really nice to hear from them, because its been such a long time that I heard something from them. And this Rock Night sounds exciting and fun! How I wish I can go :) Thank you for sharing the information about the Rock Night!