Apr 16, 2010


"There aren't many brands out there as classically American as Schwinn. It evokes instant nostalgia, conjuring dreamy childhood memories of adventures down suburban cul-de-sacs. As well as the bicycles it is so well known for, Schwinn also sells a complete range of parts and accessories.

Unfortunately, the packaging on these items was letting the brand down, with its uninspiring look and feel. In shades of grey, black and red and with little useful information for the consumer, the packaging lacked personality. Capsule welcomed the challenge, and we were excited to help the packaging reflect the brand's special kind of je ne sais quoi.

Planning any change to such a beloved national icon must be carried out with extreme caution, since consumers often don't respond well to dramatic evolutions. Our design team began by creating four mood boards, drawing inspiration from a huge variety of sources, with each reflecting a very distinct look and feel. While it can be difficult to articulate the more intangible aspects of a creative vision, the mood boards enabled Schwinn to understand and spend time with each possible direction.

Once packaging concepts were created, Capsule tested these among consumers. We spent significant time with each participant in the biking aisles to enable us to truly understand the many factors affecting the purchasing process and the overall experience in the aisle. We also came away with an astounding picture of the perceptions of the Schwinn brand. It was compared with brand behemoths like Coca-Cola and Levi, and that's when we realized just how much America loves Schwinn.

As the project moved into implementation, the sixty plus products were carefully evaluated from a packaging standpoint to ensure the use of environmentally friendly materials, reduced footprints, and overall package durability. A consistent billboard effect was created with the use of the Schwinn quality seal and script wordmark, color palette, star pattern, and bold typography treatment. It leverages the brand's vibe of classic Americana with a contemporary spin on a decidedly retro look. These brand elements create a strong presence in the aisle and allow for easy navigation to find the product and features the consumer is looking for."

Agency: Capsule
Country: USA

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