Jun 1, 2010

EDAwards 2010 Packaging Design Winners

The European Design Awards is the comprehensive annual awards organization celebrating the best of graphic design, illustration and digital design in Europe. A joint effort by 14 communication design magazines from across Europe.

Here are the 2010  Packaging Design Winners:

Bendita Gloria 2010

2010 is the name of a wine to share with friends and celebrate the beginning of the new year. This product has been elaborated using organic farming methods without herbicides, pesticides or aggressive chemical filtrations. It's a limited numbered edition of 2010 bottles.

The label is a poster that wraps the bottle with the help of a rubber band without using adhesives. Once the wine is finished the bottle can be returned and the label has also a second life as a poster with this message about 2010: "Got the feeling it's gonna be a good year". Cheers!

Award: Gold
Country: Spain
Agency: Bendita Gloria

Økologisk steinbakt mel

Organic flour made from ancient grain types.

In the concept development process, the importance of making an environmentally friendly, functional, flexible and efficient packaging was highlighted. Also, the identity should challenge the existing visual language in the flour category. The result is simple and unique, with fresh colours on the labels as the only differentiator between the 6 variants. Premium flour ground with love.

Økologisk steinmalt mel = Organic stone-ground flour.

Vi lager ekte mel av gamle original kornsorter. Dette bevarer næringsstoffene og den gode smaken. = We produce real flour from ancient traditional grain types. This preserves the nutrients and the great taste.

Award: Gold
Country: Norway
Agency: Strømme Throndsen Design

Elyjah: Planet, Planet.

The Songs on Elyjah's debut album is both playful and atmospheric, it leaves a lasting impression. To ensure that that message was conveyed to the customer, we fired pellets at all two thousand covers. They circle like planets around a fixed point. Returning to a time in which men had morals in their hearts and cloth handkerchiefs in their trouser pockets, we put the band in Herr von Eden suits and then printed the large-format photos by hand. Typographically, we continued this theme with two typefaces from that time period: Memphis, from Emil Rudolph Weiß (1929) and the Wieynck Gotisch from Heinrich Wieynck (1926) were put into use on an old Heidelberg printing machine.

Award: Gold
Country: Germany
Agency: Zwölf

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The Souvenirs

Line of packs designed for Chocolat Factory and sold in the airports of the main Spanish cities. With a postcard/box and a slogan à la James Bond, we make chocolates the best “made in Spain” souvenir.

Award: Silver
Country: Spain
Agency: ruiz+company


 A range of natural face masks and scrubs

Award: Silver
Country: Greece
Agency: Dimopoulos Karatzas

Helgo ABC Friendly, Cool and Warm

Designed by architects Anne Heinsvig and Christian Uldall and the first of a developing series of interior products focused on design, simplicity and a twist of humor, these distinctive products demanded an innovative packaging design.

The candleholders offer the possibility of stacking and creating endless combinations of colors and shapes. The clothes hangers, in different sizes and colors, allow you to experience a new and creative way to hang clothing and other objects in your home.

In creating a packaging design as environmentally friendly as possible while complementing the nature of the products, we utilised only a single color on the box. To create product visibility from the outside, we felt the best method of revealing its distinctive form and color was to integrate a cut out after the product’s shape. While maintaining a minimalistic single-color style, we printed information and inspiration on the box as well.

Award: Silver
Country: Denmark
Agency: LOOP Associates

Ivancic I Sinovi Packaging System

Packaging system for a range of pharmaceutical products.

The design approach draws on the notion of family values, traditional recipes and the sense of comfort they provide. The embroidery-inspired patterns and custom made type-face bring a distinctive look and feel to the packaging system. Beyond these strong and recognizable forms, bright colours are used to enhance the personality of each product as well as the product line in general. Fresh and energetic, the overall identity responded to the marketing demands of a ‘life-style’ product.

Award: Silver
Country: UK
Agency: SVIDesign


Laid Ltd is Norway's first company designing and producing high end sex toys for women and men.

To differentiate Laid's products from less expensive competitors, we have developed a distinct and clean profile.

All communication is based on the custom made typography Supersexy, constructed based on the products - soft and hard lines in the same shape.

The packaging solution is balanced between an exclusive feel and meeting the requirements of mass production.

The packaging is also developed to be a deposit box when the product is not in use.

The packaging design is stripped down to the essential information.

Award: Silver
Country: Norway
Agency: Skin Design AS


We were tasked by the boutique fashion chain Bailly Diehl in March 2009 to create a paper promotional shopping bag for their planned summer promotion campaign. Their brief wasthat it should have an unusual motive and should be an "eye catcher."Bearing in mind the 'living accessories' often carried by their targetshoppers we decided the use of a pug would project an appropriatelysympathetic image. A slit in the mouth area allows the garments purchased to be partiallypulled through, giving the impression that the pug is stretching out histongue, and in this way is participating in the purchase. And as the shopping bag's contents vary, the "tongue" appears different ineach and every case. Thus every bag becomes a unique specimen.

Award: Silver
Country: Germany
Agency: Merkwürdig Gmbh

Ensemble Modern Portrait CD

A portrait CD series of the Ensemble Modern soloists was produced 2009.  The covers show inverted photographs of light paths. Hundreds of light paths were photographed, and the musicians chose the path best suited to themselves and their music.

Award: Silver
Country: Germany
Agency: Jäger & Jäger

Legends of Benin

The music label „Anlalog Africa“ is looking for Africa’s musical „jewels“ of the 1970s. All pieces found have one thing in common: they take the most diverse genres of the African Diaspora and combine them so as to create a novel sound. Traditional meets Funk, Latin and Blues.
This new model unites the demands of modern production with the charm of long gone times. The imagery for the projects quite often constituted as little as tattered photographs and bus tickets in a dented biscuit box given as a loan to the project by the musician. Retouching of the imagery was not even an issue and the focus was centred on the subject of „patina“. The arrangements abide by the character of the original material and perpetuate aesthetics of printed matters stemming from that time. The delicate and detailed composing within prodigious pictorial spheres as well as various interviews and surprising music invite us to take a journey to a yet unknown Africa of the 1970s.

With the publication of "Legends of Benin" the label boss Samy Ben Redjeb shows that Africa was at the forefront of the funk movement in the 1970s. The musicians El Rego Et Ses Commandos, Antoine Dougbé, Honoré Avolonto & L'Orchestra Black Santiago, Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes mixed traditional african styles such Cavacha and Agbadja with funk, Afrobeat, Latin, Psychedelic. And by so doing created a parallel musical universe.

The project includes a 44-site CD booklet, slipcase digipack, poster and a double LP with printed sleeves.

Award: Silver
Country: Germany
Agency: Sosumi

Antonioni DVD Box

This Project was created on the occasion the 15th anniversary of the Gutek Film Company. The Gutek film company deals with the promotion and distribution of the world cinematography. This collection is a special, collector's edition of the 8 films the classics of an artistic Italian cinematography of Michelangelo Antonioni. The target of the product is a specific, not accidental audience the film art lovers. The lovers of the film art which is multi-levelled, sophisticated and a little difficult to perceive. The form of package refers to these film art notions by making the user to put some effort into proceeding a range of actions allowing him to get the reach of the content of the box.
Simple, raw but noble materials and printing techniques were used to complete the project. In this way, the atmosphere of the films was conveyed. The presented sets of films were published in a limited number of 1500 (pieces). They were distributed by a network of stores of the biggest Polish firms selling products of culture, knowledge and entertainment.

Project description. Inside the main "grand box" there is a smaller pack containing a holder for a DVD discs and the booklet with the films? descriptions. It is released from the grand box by pulling a Ribbon.

The book jacket made of black cardboard has a logo cutout. The booklet and discs holder are drawn out from the book jacket . On one face of the holder sheet there is a text relating to Antonioni's works and on the other In specially shaped envelopes the DVD discs are placed. The holder sheet is made of tough Kraft paper. It folds into 16-page concertina fold ; on front and backside it has thick black cardboard debossed covers with logo and films' titles .

Paper facts: cardboard, Black board, Kraft 140 g/m2, Super Snowbright creamy 90g/m2 Size: Grand box - 265x265mm, small pack - 150x150mm
Print techniques: one-color offset litho, line screen 200dpi
Additional techniques: debossed cover, die-cutting, laser cutting

Award: Bronze
Country: Poland
Agency: Rajmund Rajchel

Electronically Yours

“Electronically yours” is a compilation tracks by european electronic music band. The artwork is mainly consisted of two illustrations combining the theme of commitment and personal attachment with that of the robotic mechanism, elements related to the title of the cd and the type of music: a faithfull dog and a –almost horse like- creature. The typography, the illustrations, and the paper was used in a way directing a d.i.y. overall feel.

Award: Bronze
Country: Greece
Agency: Mnp

Lars Winnerback Box

The artist released both a CD and a songbook in autumn. These were sold together in this box and was spiced with a vinyl version and printed photography. All photos taken by the artist himself under a joint travel in early spring.

Award: Bronze
Country: Sweden
Agency: HFDP

Lo Mon

LO MON is the first wine produced by the “Trossos del Priorat” winery. The main characteristic of wines from this area is the earth in which the vines are grown. That’s why the “Lo Mon” label has broadened its format as much as possible, turning into a large landscape that wraps around the bottle. The front and back have been deconstructed, becoming a single label where the tasting notes take centre stage. The use of colour and typography is a departure from the codes normally used by the wine industry.

Award: Bronze
Country: Spain
Agency: ruiz+company

Naked King

A new winemaker contacted us in order to provide a visual identity to his new wine.
The wine is of extremely high quality, but free from any filtering or chemical treatments. So, it sits there exposed, without any chemical aid for the consumer to taste it.

"You could say that it was the king of wines ...but a sincere one." the client said. That reminded us of the Hans Christian Andersen tale "The Emperor's clothes" where the king sits naked and exposed for everyone to see who he really was.
So we decided to name the wine "NAKED KING". In order to visually present that, we designed the label of the bottle shaped like a crown and embossed the title NAKED KING instead of printing it. We wanted to show that way it would seem like a naked king, without anything on.
For the wooden box we silk printed in the front the tale with big type like in a child book and highlighted the words "The king is naked".

The words on the bottle label are in greek, and is the name of the wine which is "NAKED KING" .
The words on the wooden box is the whole fairytale "The emperor's clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen and highlighted and bigger are the words "the king is naked"

Award: Bronze
Country: Greece

CaffÈ Fresko

Award: Bronze
Country: Italy
Agency: Alessandro Costariol

Skinka frå Suldal

The Suldal Ham is a cured ham from a higher valley in the inner part of Ryfylke. It is hanging in a drying loft and is being treated according to most rules in the book.
The packaging design is reflecting both exclusivity through the colour scheme and the crafts/local history through choice of words and typography.

Award: Bronze
Country: Norway
Agency: Fasett

Sugarillos Sugar Sticks

This work is a conscious attempt to literally interpret the pack content: 'One spoonful of sugar' - visually and verbally stated. Straightforward and simple, the pack design obviously invites to a more decorative daily cupper.

Award: Bronze
Country: Greece
Agency: Mousegraphics

Petrocoll Spatula Putty

We thought of the product as any fast moving consumer good; with our mind towards the creation of a pack that would in fact sell putty, we created a design that could differentiate the brand (Petrocoll) from its competition.

We employed the female element as our communication platform; a female figure would seem quite out of place within a construction site and would -we hoped- create a buzz among people in the business.

Every female figure was dressed up with clothing of various degrees of transparency - the idea being not to be provocative, but to relate the product characteristics (degree of putty overlap), with the respective garment.

Award: Bronze
Country: Greece
Agency:  Mousegraphics


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